Boca Lupo n 'In bocca al lupo' or 'in the wolf's mouth' is Italian for good luck. Of course there are no guarantees you'll get lucky after drinking Boca Lupo, but if you do have an overwhelming desire to howl at the moon, relax - it's working.
An energy drink with taste. Genius.

Made In Italy

Italians are responsible for the creation of all things beautiful - fine wine, gorgeous men and women, the Colosseum and who can forget the dulcet tones of Luciano Pavarotti. Boca Lupo is just another one to add to the list. To find out what Boca Lupo means click here.

Natural Energy

Packed with energy from guarana and caffeine,
we decided to leave out taurine. We just don't
like it. We've also left out preservatives, artificia
l flavours and colours. Hope you don't mind.

I'm A Can Man

Look a little closer and you'll discover that Boca
Lupo is a 330ml aluminium can with a resealable
cap. We're no bottle man! But the best of both
worlds. Aluminium stays colder for longer, and the
bottle top guarantees you no spills or breakages.

Fresh Fruit

Enjoy the fruit fusion of orange, passionfruit,
pineapple and peach juice. Delicious fruit.
Delicious taste. Coincidence? We think not.

The World Needs More Wolves

Wolves are unique, just like Boca Lupo. So we take
their preservation very seriously by sponsoring our
own wolf pack. It helps us sleep straight at night
knowing there are more wolves safely sleeping.

Pink White & Green

We're proudly green, even though our bottle is white and wolves are generally black. The carbon emissions generated from importing Boca Lupo have been offset by "Carbon Neutral" – Turn Emissions Into Trees".

Befriend The Wolf

Heard of Facebook? We thought you might have.
In that case come and say hi to our tech savvy
wolf, you can even befriend him if you like. Just
make sure you don't accept one of his 'pokes'.

Follow the wolf on facebook.


Howl At Us

For all enquiries, please contact us here.
Please don't cry wolf!