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Will Magento’s Progressive Web Apps drive more mobile revenue for merchants?

Magento Live always has a few big announcements and this year’s London edition did not disappoint. With the promise of more traffic and higher conversions, Magento, in collaboration with Google, will offer native Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s) to the Magento ecommerce community in 2018. Even though that’s at LEAST five months away, you might already be pondering ‘What does that mean for my ecommerce site?’. Has responsive web design gone out of fashion like man buns and paleo diets? And how do I explain Progressive Web Apps to the boss? What are Progressive Web Apps? Progressive Web Apps are technically standard web pages that can ‘live’ on a user’s home screen and behave like a native app, without the need for downloading and installing an app. PWAs promise a faster,...

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How Important is Hosting Location? Questions to Ask Your Hosting Provider

The importance of your hosting partner location will depend on your organisation’s requirements and your business needs. For a small business focussed on a single country with fairly low traffic, starting with shared hosting, or small virtual private server is generally the most cost effective place to host your site.  Hosting your site or web application in the same geographical location as your website visitors reduces page load times and latency (the lag between requesting data and receiving it) and will greatly improve user experience. If you are running a business critical website or ecommerce application, or have customers or visitors from various global locations, then incorrectly placing your website in an unsuitably located data centre will cost you much more than a monthly hosting fee! Does the Location of My Hosting...

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Magento Imagine Round Up

When it comes to Magento, what happens in Vegas certainly doesn’t stay there! This year the Magento Imagine conference was yet again, no exception to the rule.  This year we, and over 2500 attendees heard the likes of Tennis pro, Serena Williams and Magento CEO, Mark Lavelle discussing the importance of thinking differently and outside the box. Missed out on the event? Here’s what some of our partners had to say about Magento Imagine:   Daniel Mylnikov- Head of Solutions Delivery at eWave, the Magento APAC  Partner of the Year at this year’s conference. A highlight of the conference were  the breakout sessions on Magento Business Intelligence, The Future of Active Magento Cyber Security and the Special Preview: See New Magento B2B Capabilities in Action.   Derek Nolde the Enterprise Sales Director at Section.io, said, “It was...

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The Importance of a CDN: Speed and Security

Many Anchor customers ask us for assistance with getting the best performance out of their website. Website performance is a complex topic to which there are many contributing factors:   from a hosting perspective, these can be as simple as underpowered infrastructure or over-contention, but geographic location and latency can often come into play as well. Having your site hosted in a modern, high-speed environment with world class managed services provides a solid foundation for your website. Utilising a Content Delivery Network (CDN) as well can assist in giving your website an extra boost in speed and performance. Anchor is an official partner with Cloudflare; a global Content Delivery Network designed to optimize security, performance and reliability. Cloudflare offers robust CDN capabilities in addition to other security services including DDoS (Distributed...

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Maximising site performance: 5 key considerations

Maintaining and managing the ongoing performance of your website or application is an area where ‘not my problem’ can be a recurring sentiment from all stakeholders.   It’s not just a case of getting your shiny new website or application onto the biggest, most highly spec-ed-up dedicated server or cloud instance that money can buy. There are many factors that can influence the performance of your website that you — yes you — need to make friends with. The relationship between site performance and business outcomes Websites today have evolved into fully fledged web applications. They started out as simple HTML, but have today evolved into complex, database driven, ‘rich’ multimedia content, requiring buckets of storage and computing power. Your server needs to run complex scripts and processes, and serves up...

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Free Your Time: Why Outsourcing AWS Management is Vital!

While most drivers are capable of carrying out a few basic car maintenance tasks, the majority wouldn’t attempt to reconfigure the clutch or modify the engine, no matter how many YouTube videos or handy guides there might be. Sending the car to a trusted mechanic not only saves a great deal of time and stress—often worth the fee alone— but also gives us the confidence that it is done RIGHT. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is incredibly powerful, flexible and complex. When a competitive advantage can rely on squeezing every last ounce of performance or uptime from your infrastructure, expert help can make a massive difference that can easily justify—and often more than repay— any management fee. Plus, a certified AWS partner may have access to economies of scale that allow...

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux & CentOS 5 End-of-Life

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and CentOS 5 reaches end-of-life at the end of March, 2017. This means that maintenance will cease, and there will be no further updates to any software installed via vendor packages. Although this change has no immediate effect on current services hosted by Anchor, it does mean that Anchor or any other hosting provider, can no longer make the same security guarantees. This means that any future vulnerabilities, detected in packaged software or the core operating system, will not be patched. Anchor recommends that anyone still running these, or any previous versions, should migrate to a new machine running a supported operating system, such as CentOS 7, which is the current stable release. This process involves building a new machine, testing and migrating all of the...

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Why your compliance scan keeps failing

At Anchor, a large number of our customers seek various certifications for their hosted properties. These commonly include PCI, IRAP and many others. The business drivers for undertaking a certification programme vary between customers, but often involve the need to meet some form or regulatory or industry compliance requirement. Whilst it may not be the initial driver, the fundamental goal of many of these activities is to reduce business risk by improving security posture. We’ve become accustomed to dealing with auditors to assist our customers in undertaking certification initiatives. Unfortunately, just as in any industry, the quality of service, analysis and rigour that these entities employ can vary wildly. Automated scans Auditors commonly use automated tooling as an initial mechanism when assessing the compliance of a hosted infrastructure against the certification that...

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Avoiding Simple Code Breaks on AWS

Faulty code remains one of the most common reasons for performance issues and unscheduled downtime. Yet, it is still possible for bad code to make its way into the Production environment, even with testing. Your Production environment is most likely a collection of interlinked servers, load balancers and more. Does it really make sense to test your code on a single sandbox server that doesn’t equate in any way to the real world it will need to operate within? Of course your code performs flawlessly within the simplified, unchallenging environment of a single testing or staging server. But that’s no indication of what may happen upon release when it attempts to mesh with the harsh realities of your full Production environment. Instead, code should be tested in a complete and...

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Tips on Winning the ecommerce Game

The ecommerce world is constantly changing and evolving, which is exactly why you must keep on top of the game. Arguably, choosing a reliable host is the most important decision that an eCommerce business has, that’s why we have noted 5 major reasons as to why a quality hosting provider is vital. High Availability The most important thing to think about when choosing a host and your infrastructure, is “How much is it going to cost me when my site goes down”. If your site is down, especially over a large period of time, you could be losing customers and profits. One way to minimise this is to create a highly available environment on the cloud. This means that there is a ‘redundancy’ plan in place to minimise the chances...

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